Gary's Ice Cream was first opened for business on August 9, 1973 by Gary F. Frascarelli.
Prior to starting his own business Gary had spent 5 summers during high school and college working at Glennie's Ice Cream in Lowell, Massachusetts. When Gary's Ice Cream first opened, it bought all it's ice cream from a local manufacturer, but, within a month of opening an antique Mills 5-gallon batch freezer was up and running and Gary was making all his own ice cream.

Gary's Ice Cream makes all of its own Ice Cream, Hot Fudge Sauce & Fountain Syrups.  We cook our own Strawberries, Pineapples, Raspberries and other fruits for our ice creams.  We make our own Coffee Extract and blend our own special Vanilla extract.   You can't get much more Home Made than Gary's Ice Cream (except that we don't have our own cows - but then how many bakers have their own wheat fields and grinding mills for flour?  Producing milk and cream is the job of a dairy farmer - then Gary's Ice Cream takes that cream and makes the best ice cream from it!

Over the years there were numerous Gary's Ice Cream locations.   Chelmsford Center, Tyngsboro on the NH line, Salisbury Beach, downtown Lowell (2 locations), Pawtucket Street in Lowell (the former Burbecks).  Now as Gary enters his early 60's he has scaled back to just the original East Chelmsford location.

Today, Gary's Chelmsford Farms Ice Cream is using a 10-gallon Emery Thompson batch freezer to make all of it's ice cream. With this machine, Gary's Ice Cream is able to turn out a batch of ice cream every 10 minutes or 60 gallons per hour (or over 400 gallons in an 8 hour day).

For the history of the property at 131 Gorham Street, Chelmsford, click HERE

We are the oldest ice cream shop in continuous operation in the Merrimack Valley!
Our history and tradition and formulas go back to 1934!
To see our roots, go here:
History of Glennie's Ice Cream and Gary's Ice Cream


Our original Location as it looked in 1974

our former Pawtucket Street location in Lowell, MA

our Salisbury Beach Shop in the 1990's

downtown Lowell

our former store in the TJ Maxx Plaza in Tyngsboro - 1989

our Salisbury Beach Shop in the 1990's


other downtown Lowell store


Chelmsford Store today

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