Flavor List
Our Ice Cream is all Home Made right at the shop

We are a Home Made ice cream company only

Flavor   Possible Allergen Information*
Our Home Made Hard Ice Cream Flavors Eggs Flour Nuts
Vanilla Rich and Creamy - Made with Pure Vanilla Extract and NO fake color - this flavor is pure white!      
Chocolate We combine rich Dutch Process Cocoa with our sweet cream to make this flavor      
Coffee Made from Maxwell House® Coffee      
Strawberry Strawberries from Oregon are lightly sugared to make this favorite  (strawberries are prepared fresh in house)      
Maple Walnut Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and Walnut Halves     *
Chocolate Decadence Double Dark Chocolate Ice Cream w/ Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, White Choc Chips and Oreo® Cookie Pieces 1      
Mud Bog Our Coffee Ice Cream with both Dark & White Chocolate Chips and Oreo® Cookie Pieces 1   *  
Pistachio Nut Whole & Broken Pistachio pieces with a pistachio background flavor (green)     *
Butter Pecan Rich Butterscotch Ice Cream with Georgia Pecans     *
Chocolate Chip Our Vanilla Ice Cream with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks 1      
Mint Chocolate Chip A green peppermint ice cream with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks 1      
Mocha Chip Our Coffee Ice Cream with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks 1      
Cookie Dough A Caramel background with pieces of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  1   *  
Grapenut Our famous Vanilla Ice Cream with Grapenuts® Cereal        *  
Black Raspberry Made with pureed Black Raspberries      
Banana Made from fresh ripe Bananas from South America         
Cake Batter Tastes just like when you used to lick the bowl as Mom made a cake   *  
Chocolate Walnut   Our famous Chocolate Ice Cream with Walnut Halves & Pieces     *
Cherry Vanilla Pure Vanilla Ice Cream with Maraschino Cherry Halves & Pieces      
Frozen Pudding Raisins, Pineapples, Maraschino Cherries, Apples, & Peaches soaked in Meyers Dark Rum      
Dutch Apple  Locally sourced Apple Slices mixed with our Secret Blend of Spices.... tastes like Apple Pie without the Crust.       
Orange Pineapple Crushed Pineapple Chunks and Orange Juice - made from Scratch!   One of our Premier Flavors!      
Cookies & Cream Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo® Chocolate Sandwich Cookies   *  
Salted Caramel Caramel Ice Cream with Sea Salt added         
Peppermint Stick White Peppermint ice cream with red & green peppermint crunch candies       
Raccoon Tracks Vanilla Ice Cream with mini Peanut Butter Cups, Choc Chips & a ripple of our Home Made Fudge Sauce     *
French Vanilla Vanilla Ice Cream with a rich custard egg base      
Orange Sherbet       Made with pure Orange puree             
Lime Sherbet Made with Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice      
Coffee Heath Bar Coffee Ice Cream with Heath Bar® Pieces     *
Banana Walnut Banana Ice Cream with Walnuts     *
Cherry Cherry Ice Cream with Maraschino Cherry Halves      
  Our ice cream base is made from: Milk, Cream, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Non-Fat Dry Milk solids, Cellulose Gum, Mono and Diglycerides, Guar Gum, Salt, Carrageenan and Polysorbate 80.      

Allergen information:
Our ice cream is made on common equipment shared with tree nuts, soy & egg.
Some ingredients may come from facilities that process peanuts. 
Some flavors contain wheat.

1 All Chocolate Chip Flavors contain soy oil
2 Peanut Allergy Alert - This flavor contains Peanut Butter


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