Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gary's Ice Cream make all their own ice cream?
Yes. Gary's Ice Cream makes all their own ice cream.
In addition, Gary's Ice Cream makes all their own fountain syrups, 
and many of the bases used in making the ice cream.
We also make our own Hot Fudge Sauce!

Why don't you sell your hot fudge sauce in containers?
Our homemade Hot Fudge Sauce is made from fresh ingredients including milk & butter.
A few years ago the FDA ruled that chocolate sauces are a "high water activity, low acid food".
As such they must have preservatives cooked into them and we do NOT add preservatives to anything we make.

Is Gary's Ice Cream available anywhere else?
Gary's Ice Cream is ONLY sold at our store in East Chelmsford, MA. where it is made.

Why does Gary's Ice Cream taste so much better than other ice creams?
Part of the reason why Gary's Ice Cream tastes better is that it is so Fresh!
Because we are a small company and work out of a small (600 sq ft) building, we don't
have a lot of storage space, so we have to make ice cream every day - many times
the ice cream we are serving was just made a day or two before you eat it!
Gary has been known to tell a customer that the ice cream is so fresh,
"it was in the cow 2 days ago"

Why don't you sell Sugar-Free or Fat Free Ice Cream or Yogurt?
We are not comfortable with the ingredients that must replace the fat or the sugars in ice cream.
We also feel that many people assume that they can eat these products if they are diabetic, lactose-intolerant, etc.
In some cases, nothing could be further from the truth - only your own personal physician can make that decision.
We prefer to sell pure, natural products that have had no modifications to them.

Is Gary's Ice Cream open year-round?
We are open from mid-Spring to mid-Fall.

Are the rumors true that you are closing for good true?


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